What is Filly the Kid?

Filly the Kid is a brand new adventure game set in the American Old West, with a twist: you play as a horse.

Awesome! Can I play it?

Not yet, because we're still making it! But you can check out our progress in the development section, where we'll be posting regular updates. The news section will also be updated with news of any expos and conventions we'll be heading to, so watch this space.

So who's making this game?

Filly the Kid is being made by a small team of people from the National Film and Television School in the UK. The team includes members specialising not just in video games, but also in a wide variety of audio-visual disciplines like screenwriting, producing, composing, sound design, cinematography, production design, digital special effects and production management.

What software are you using?

The game engine we're using is Unity3D (programming in C#). As well as that, we're using 3DS Max and Maya for our 3D elements, such as characters and set pieces.